Frequently Asked Questions

What is HSRP?

High Security Registration Plates (in short HSRP) is a number plate for vehicles which was introduced by Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MORTH) on 2001. It is made of 1mm special grade Aluminium and is laminated with White/Yellow reflective sheets. It has embossed characters upon which Black foil with security inscription are hot stamped.

How does HSRP helps in keeping my vehicle secured?

Laser number : All HSRP have a laser identification number etched on the surface, which cannot be erased and is unique for every HSRP throughout India. This Laser number is attached with all the relevant information about the vehicle Like Registration Number, Make, Model, Engine No., Chassis No. Etc. This data is electronically saved in the database of the Government. This Laser number helps in determining whether the number plate is genuine or not and thus helps in identifying the authenticity of the vehicle in question.

Snap Locks : HSRP is fixed on the vehicles using temper-evident, non-removable and non-reusable snap locks which makes it extremely difficult to remove the number plate once it has been affixed making it difficult for criminals to steal vehicle and replacing the HSRP with ordinary number plates.

Reflective Sheet : The HSRP also have a white or Yellow reflective sheet laminated on its surface making the vehicle more visible during night thus avoiding accidents.

Standard Format : There are only 4 sizes of HSRP and the Registration Numbers are embossed very clearly on it making them highly readable. This helps the law enforcement agencies to curb down crime in various ways.

Excellent Finish : We make our HSRP with the best available raw material (imported from Germany and Japan) in a very advanced production Line manufactured in The Netherlands. The end result is a number plate which has an excellent finish and unparalleled looks making your vehicle look even better.

Are HSRP Compulsory across India?

Yes it is. But, currently only a few states have implemented with this law. And the other states are in the process to finalise the tenders.

What happens in case the HSRP is damaged/lost and it needs to be replaced?

The damaged HSRP has to be brought to the DTO and a fresh application for replacement has to be made. In case the HSRP is lost due to some reason, it is recommended that a diary be registered in your Police Station mentioning the Laser Identification number of the HSRP that has been lost and a fresh application has to be made for replacement of the lost HSRP.

I already have HSRP affixed on my vehicle, but I can't see any laser identification number on it. Why?

The number plate that you have on your vehicle, is not HSRP. It is only a look-alike. You would have to get a new HSRP from the registered vendor approved by the transport department of your state.